Influence of the Earth

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Thank you Veterans in our country, around the world, throughout time past and future, for showing us the humanity of service. Some of you did this by choice, some by force, some as defenders of humanity, some as aggressors against humanity, some as a way of orienting and belonging to something with purpose. I honor your contributions to all of our lives.

Live in each season as it passes;
breathe the air,
drink the drink,
taste the fruit,
and resign yourself
to the influence of the Earth.

~Henry David Thoreau, Walden 1854

Today it is raining the chilly grey drip drops foreshadowing winter. The Earth is influencing me to cozy up, teacup! On tap today: Constant Comment (a black tea which ooozes rainy day goodnesses), an aniseed/fennel/cardamom herbal fusion, green tea chai, all wrapped up with a final cup or two of lavendar/oatflower/limeflower herbal blend for sweet dreams. Never sugar. Rare addition of plant based milk – not for bougie points, but to prevent searing serrated knife jabs from the inside since my stomach and dairy truly loathe one another with the sanctimonious deep hatred of a thousand years, plus one. stooopid feckin dairy hating guts

I’m fine

I have two tomes to read before I’m allowing myself to put Sarah Kendzior’s book on my nightstand. Here is a quote from her book, They Knew:

"Material acquisition is not the goal of the criminal elite, and debt is not a problem. A lifestyle of total impunity, powered by fraud and threat, is the goal. Raw power is not measured in money but by how little you need it. Money is beneath you when you live above the law."

A lifestyle of total impunity. This is what we collectively willingly sacrifice ourselves for – a tiny fraction of people who are never held accountable. And yet, we are all held accountable under the influence of Earth. Even those who build vanity phallic escapes from the planet remain under the influence of Earth. Not quite equitably, of course, but still accountable in the end. I find this grounding as we have no other assurances for accountability despite having every tool at our disposal.

Over the weekend I will be writing to my Governor again. That is how I tootsie roll. I can eat a little twisty waxy packaged tootsie roll, but don’t bc of my Scottish/Swedish gene forces against sweets. I’ve tried to battle them. I really have made the efforts. Taffy at the shore level tried. But am now divested and moved on to very dark bitter chocolates, which seem acceptable to the ancients mulling about in there. Cacao enjoyment to you, ancient genes of yore!

Nature, fiber, and plant-based! Winning.

I have researched a bit on my internet company(from my list). They’ve received an 8.5/10 from . Their main issues are excessive payment to top management, operating with oppressive regimes, ranking on modern slavery reports, and detrimental policies on toxic minerals/chemicals. On the other hand, they score well with carbon management and reporting!

We are very limited with local options, so letter writing and confronting their complicit destructive behaviors it is then. Alrighty.

It is my season of the privilege of presence and attention.

Onto the day of laundry, ironing, paying bills, paperwork galore, cleaning, writing, gathering SonHerisme from school, and preparing the foods. The people want a mushroomy meatloaf. Since I can say, “yes,” I will. Ohmyg-d, I love that for them (Alexis Rose style, natch). And all of those extra mushrooms in the green container will float over into a red pepper and creamy mushroom soup for me.

Moving through the seasons under the influence of this Earth life is what I can do.

Love, Ms. Herisme xoxo

Wear your rainsuit/boots and bring an umbrella if you’re meeting me on the deck later. Wear the yellow rainsuit so that I am able to see you coming up the hill please and thank you. Or better yet, a white plastic suit like this guy!