I recently re-discovered the ancient Goddess, Herisme, goddess of “Can you believe this sh!t.”  She is my spirit guide for all good, awesome, powerful, devastating, life-changing, horrible sh!t that happens in everyday life.  Also, she has pretty hair and enviable excursions.

The real me is she/her single parenting, unruly haired, not-quite-as-tall-as-I-claim-to-be, mom of one amazing and beautiful he/him human. My background includes living in Ohio, Alabama, Maryland, Indiana, South Carolina, and Germany (not in order and bit of back-and-forthing for some areas), with travel out and about from those places to other places with dreams of more travel.

Some of my life experiences include being a public librarian, experiencing domestic violence and our family court system, riding a camel on a remote dressage farm in the desert, unintentionally hiking to the top of a local mountain, being stuck on a 16-hour plane ride on my 21st birthday, having my first marriage proposal at age 12, pocketing small rocks from Versailles convincing my younger brother they were ancient tools which we were responsible for getting into a museum collection (they are still in ParentsHerisme’s basement), managing and staff training for preschool/daycare/summer camps, cuddling a zillion puppies, kitties, and babies…and other life things.

My writing has always been happening to, at, through, and by me since my beginning times. I found this outlet to connect outside of myself back to myself, when going through some personal terrifying life transitions based in domestic violence. Disassociation has been my superpower for life. Possible spectrum thing happening, but at my age it is a lot of whatevs.

I enjoy a black as black can be cup of fragrant coffee, daily vats of tea, cooked spinach on the daily too, as well as pizza, those crazy broccoli cakes from IKEA, and gentle desserts/chocolates which are not too sweet. On days when some/all of these favorites can be consumed in the outdoors with my most and best and favorite peoples, I am feeling all of the feels of all of the goodnesses.

Welcome to this space with me – I am glad to *see* you (handing your favorite beverage to you in warm friendship)!

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