I recently re-discovered the ancient Goddess, Herisme, goddess of “Can you believe this sh!t.”  She is my spirit guide for all good, awesome, powerful, devastating, life-changing, horrible sh!t that happens in everyday life.  Also, she has pretty hair and enviable excursions.

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  45. Hello Ms. Herisme,
    I received your incredible gift of the Sonnets From the Portuguese with my father’s handwritten Meditations enclosed in the book. I was completely overcome with chills down my spine to see this and hold it in my hands. Thank you so much for sending it to me. I must say tha I am shocked at how much research you were able to do on my parent’s history, along with your beautiful ruminations of what their history was in those days, and your touching description of what their romance may have been.
    I would love to be able to talk with you, if possible about some of the things. I must say I never heard of a Nellie Hunter. I was told that my namesake was a Mrs. Nellie M. Powell, who was a school teacher in Winston-Salem, whom my father had met at the Baptist in Winson-Salem, whom he had met when he helped her going up (or down) the fromt steps of the church, since she had difficulty with walking. Ironically, I was also a teacher for many years.
    Another curiosity: you mentioned a Ms. Edmondson who is at the Edgecombe Public Library. i wonder if that could be a relative of my maternal aunt’s husband, George Edmondson, who lived in Scotland Neck, NC, near Tarboro..
    Again, thank you so much for sending this to me. I look forward to talking and/or corresponding with you.

    Nellie (Nell) S. Kilpatrick


    • OH MY GOODNESS! I am beyond over the moon thrilled that you have reached out and you enjoyed my fanciful tales about your parents! I just knew in my soul that someone who knew your parents and loved them, needed to have this book. I am so overjoyed and delighted that the book found you! You have made my day/month/year with your kind words and interest in speaking further. My email is Herisme@pobox.com 🙂 Huzzah!


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