I Had to Do It


I had to take a break from my brain.

I started Pilates instead.

It has been immensely helpful in terms of waking up my body and recognizing how very disconnected I have been or I am.  The instructors and fellow pilates-ers at the studio I go to have been very patient and helpful and I am grateful to have stumbled into this regimen.

My weight has not reflected this hard work, yet.  But, my patterns have shifted and I am much more steady with all activities.  I even accidentally, successfully, hiked up a very rocky mountain!  (future story)  My muscles are muscling up and my posture has changed for the better.

This weekend also marks the sending of the 191st weekly progress report, regarding SonHerisme, I have sent to MrexH as required by court order in January 2016.

Big number.

I do not mind it so much anymore as it is a component of keeping MrexH at a distance which in turn keeps us safer and healthier.

Life is strange.

I continue to be in therapy.

Currently contemplating joining a weekly group at our local domestic violence shelter.

And how are you?

Love, Ms Herisme xoxo

Reign of Rain

May this day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony (from my dandelion detox tea to you).


Yesterday, among the various chores and caregiving, I sat outside in the rain.


I read a little bit of fiction. This is a new challenge for me as non-fiction is infinitely more comforting and solid.


I added to our shared drawing journal.  I keep a drawing journal with fancy pencils, that anyone is allowed to start a picture in, or add to another picture that’s already there.  If you are the one who finishes the picture, then you write “finished” at the bottom so that no one else feels compelled to add more, and we can all move on to the next picture or begin a new one.


Sitting in the rain, I wished there was such a thing as a Rain Reader who could sit next to me and instruct me on how to read messages from the rain.  I think that I could learn marvelous, comforting and solid things from the rain, if I could hear it properly.


Rain Reader might be a character for a new project.  I hope that it works out, or at the very least provides some productive amusement.


What are you working on?


Love, Ms. Herisme xoxo