Blank Spaces

She could be so (BLANK) if only she would (BLANK)

Are you the girl/woman/lady that everyone fills in the blanks for?  I am.  Or, at least, I have always been that girl/woman/lady.  What are we now – biologically female gender identifiers? Broads? Chicks? Birds? Pink Ladies? East Coast? West Coast? She-humans, for the win!

She could be so pretty if only she would lose weight.

She could be so successful at work if only she would play the politics game.

She could appear to be more professional if only she would tame her hair/wear these clothes.

She could be so accomplished if only she would apply herself properly.

She could keep herself safe if only she would follow my instructions exactly, perfectly, to the letter and never ever ever question or deviate or passively aggressively self-sabotage blah blah blah blah blah

 No?  Okay, it’s only me then. Embedded shame is hard.

 If only I could accept my responsibilities,

possibilities and limitations, then I would be content.

 Wait a minute.  Hold up.  That might actually be true.

Sharing my vulnerability, I have tried to determine if I am a psychopath, a sociopath, an empath, telepath, homeopath, allopath, or on a warpath, footpath or bypath.  Too much for me. I am no longer “she could if she would.” I am a NewPath.

I want to “call deep on my courage”

to fill in my own blank spaces,

and allow space for them to be appropriately filled.

 She could be a determined NewPath, if only she would.

I will.

pssst… you are invited too, you are worthy and loved.


ppsssst… and now you may sing “I’ve gotta Blank Space, baby, and I’ll *not* write your name”

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