NewPath Relief…

Note to self:

Post Rule #1  Keep in mind that not everyone is reading with the same context as your writing

 Where are we today?

The 5K post was a long time coming.  I wrote that in the Fall of 2014, when I was desperately attempting to make sense of the absurd twists, turns and terrifying swirls happening in and around my life.

I am okay.  Mr Heishim (now he is 7 1/2) is okay too.

Mr STBXH, now Mr exH, is safely in the care of the State at a facility far away from us, which specializes in meeting his needs.  All of this has taken a terrifying and painfully long time to happen, with the indispensable help of our entire extended community.  There have been desperately unfortunate series of events in between 2014 and our current temporary resolution.

Re-read the last part of the last sentence.

Current TEMPORARY resolution.

Well, obviously, our divorce is not temporary.  However, the care of the State facility is temporary and only guaranteed to January of 2018.  After then, as mentioned in the 5K plea, as long as Mr exH can declare himself as not being a threat to himself or others, has followed prescriptions, and decides he should no longer be under their care, he may choose to no longer be under their care.  But, let’s not borrow trouble from tomorrow, when there is SO much to do today!

I call myself a New Path



I call myself a NewPath.  A new path to walk.  A new path of thinking.  A new path of feeling.  A new path of sharing. Not everything on my new path will be smooth and easy.  I have no expectation of that.  Not everything on my new path with be difficult and terrifying.  I have no expectation of that either.  My expectation is that I am different than who I was and that journey has compelled me to offer a space of sharing.  I have been provoked into a tangent journey in my life.  I am a NewPath.

There are many of us who have experienced absurdities, nonsense, scenarios beyond expectation, desire, interest, and our own ability to see beyond them as we are experiencing them (and sometimes long after).  If you are interested in figuring out how you might help those of us through these experiences, consider reading this linked post.

Stories which provoke NewPaths will be shared here.  If you are interested in sharing your NewPath story, please let me know.

Love, Ms. Herisme xoxo

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