(my pic, lyrical person’s words)
(or listen here)

I hope that you are having a fun April the One.


Starting my new fulltime virtual editing job on Monday

My first solo book is being published next month

I have a future book contract

SonHerisme has been accepted into his dream High School

All of my debts are paid in full, with plenty of money to vacation and save

I’m paying for and starting my home improvements/renovations

SonHerisme and I have affordable regular health insurance (and my cancer check is clear!)

Two interested in spending time with me

My mother has been cured and is heading home to pack and relocate to her own home close by

Our new puppy is coming to live with us next week

April Fool’s Day!

Wouldn’t that be great, though, if I did have good news? I mean, really, I’d take any one of those, add a gluten free shrimp and tomato pizza plus diary/soy free chocolate something and my decade/life will have peaked. Until then… 3.5 hours until I can reasonably shower and go to bed. 8am riding time tomorrow! Carry on.

Love, Ms. Herisme xoxo

grateful for my home, cozy blankets, walking without a limp, internet access, and healthy SonHerisme

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