World Bee

(my pic, Rilke words)
(or listen here)

Today I learned another new thing from The MERL. Tu ne sais pas The MERL? How? What? The Museum of English Rural Life with hella good insta game.

I learned that today is World Bee Day! buzzzzzzzzzzzz I like bees. Thank you, The MERL! Thank you for showing me a peek into the Cowan Bee Collection as well – a happy Thursday surprise for this bee loving librarian 🙂

Late yesterday I looked back through some of my recent posts. I don’t really know what I was searching for. It’s so weird to look back at posts. I have maybe gone back only once or twice in the whole time of writing this blog. I generally don’t do this because it is so very disorienting as nothing is recognizable to me. I mean that the situations are, obviously, but the writing is not. Many of the pictures and quotes don’t seem familiar either. This is not a good feeling and I begin to get worried about my own brainiacs of anxiety cueing the spirals….

I understand that there is a discussion over “cuing” v “cueing.” I like the “e” and I’ll allow it here. You’re welcome to do you with no judgement here. It just looks like have an “e” thing today xo

In re-reading some of my posts I saw a lot of repetition. Maybe I have to say, “the time we almost got killed,” or some iteration of that, a zillion times before I can accept it or process it as a part of my reality? It is not all of my life experiences, but for sure has been an impactful one. I’m thinking that if you have stuck around as a reader/listener, you know enough of my story to know that we have been through some terrorizing situations over here.

Do I need to mention it anymore to bring context to anything I am writing here? I don’t know. Have I honored my feelings around the situation enough? Have I taken a step back to see what being in this situation might have taught me or changed in me? Have I honored that transformation in myself? Have I grieved? Have I reflected enough?

It would be great if there was some external barometer, 12-steps, or honey-pot to fill with doable knowable increments achieving the enough that’s needed. Oh to be a bee and know the defining things a bee gets to know. But then I suppose I’d only have a teensy bee life, and I’ve got this one and a SonHerisme to raise up to manhood. I don’t know how to know intangibles beyond imagination (which is clearly imagination for purely imaginative purposes), other than those related to SonHerisme.

This is the work of a worker human, I suppose.

Laundry, caring for MotherHerisme, ironing, jab#1 for SonHerisme today, early dinner and tennis are on my horizon.

JAB #1 SonHerisme!!! HUZZAH

World Bee Day plus reflection on my mind-numbing repetitive posts about our trauma PLUS my bugaboo baby puffin bear’s vaccine jab!!!! (I’m excited for SonHerisme just a titch tatch natch)

Love, Ms. Herisme xoxo

How are you doing out there? Peter?

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