(dandelions are my favorite! – pic BBC)
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A Goddess. Born of Chaos. When Chaos receded, Gaia was lonely. She was so very lonely that she created a partner for herself, which ended very, very, very badly (insert Greek Mythology tales here or listen to Stephen Fry!).

Gaia, you and I, we’ve got some things in common! Let’s both pinkie promise make better choices.

Today, though – today is YOUR day. Today is Earth Day. Let’s celebrate you!


to you today, and all of the days

I think that I am addicted to being outside and I like it.

My body moves differently now because of the things that happen when bodies are prone to things happening. But I still want to be in that wild wind, hot sun, pouring rain, snowy tundra, moonlit, starry glowy place.

SonHerisme and I built an outdoor sofa for lounging about without disturbing wasps, beetles, snakes and mosquitoes or the upcoming cicada insanity.

We are planting Eastern Redbuds this year and inching towards being charming hive minders. Native things to protect our bit of sweet Earth where we are temporary guardians.

Happy Earth day, Earthlings! How are you celebrating Earth or honoring Gaia?

Love, Ms. Herisme xoxo

ps. see? Not ALL of my posts are blah blah something is horrible blah blah blah. Upcoming Goat King post will also not be depressing (fingers crossed!)

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